I started attending Pilates with Shake and Shuffle around 12 weeks ago. My main reasons for going were to build core strength (I do dressage and this kind of exercise is ideal to improve my riding and help me become stronger) and to help with lower back pain (also riding related!). I had also recently broken my arm and was suffering with a very stiff shoulder and had a lack of movement as a result. 

After just a couple of classes I could already feel the difference, with more movement in my shoulder. I stopped attending my physio at the Rivers in Sawbridgeworth as Pilates was actually helping more! A few months on I now rarely suffer from the lower back pain I have lived with on and off for years, I am stronger, more balanced and my riding has hugely improved as a result. 

As an instructor, Vicky is fun, patient, motivational and I always enjoy her classes. That’s why I ended up recommending her to friends and family and now my mum also attends, as well as one of her friends and one of my good friends too! I would absolutely recommend Pilates for so many reasons, and would particularly recommend Vicky from Shake and Shuffle as a fantastic instructor.

Thank you Vicky for all your help, and I’ll see you next week at Pilates!

Angela Westgarth

I'm not one for going to the gym so thought I'd try FitSteps - I went along on my own so was feeling nervous but the class teacher and everyone in the group were so welcoming and encouraging - I really enjoyed the class - it was a mixture of ages and abilities and such good fun. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I thought I'd go along to another class called Powerhoop - a hoop with weights in it - this was really out of my comfort zone but I'm now completely obsessed with it. It  gives you a cardio work out and I've now got a waistline ! I love going to these classes - it helps me to de-stress and gives me the 'me' time I need and I've made some great new friends.

Lyn Guy

Just a little note to say how much I really enjoy your Pilates class. You're always happy and upbeat and at times you do make me laugh. I'm not great at aerobics or any of them type of classes but,I always feel like I can achieve something coming to your class. 

Debbie O'Brien

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I have participated in other Pilates classes in the past, but it wasn't until joining Vicky's class that I really understood how Pilates is actually meant to be done. This is largely due to Vicky taking the time to know about our strengths and weaknesses, and offer different exercises for our individual needs. I have always rushed my way through things in general, but in this class Vicky has taught me that the simplest of movements can be more effective if done correctly. In turn, this has actually helped me switch off and immerse myself in the exercises. I feel supple and taller straight after the class, and my posture still feels correct the next day. Post Pilates, I find myself feeling more positive and motivated.

Lisa McMahon

I've been attending your classes for many months now and wanted to write to express how impressed I am with the way you teach, inspire and entertain us all throughout each session. Somehow, from the first note of music to the last, you get even the most reluctant attendee jumping, jiving and giving it their all - which is nothing short of miraculous in some cases!   Whether the class member is lithe and fit or the exact opposite, you somehow tailor the class to fit everyone's needs and make it so much fun with your infectious energy and wit, that before we know it - we're fitter, leaner and smiling, looking for more. 


I began with one class, built up to two and now occasionally manage three of your Fitsteps classes in one week. That is directly down to your talent and teaching ability in making it so much fun that it overcomes end-of-day inertia and gets me heading back out of the house and off in your direction.  Well done, Vicky.  You're really something of a superstar and I recommend your classes to absolutely everyone.

Jane Malyon

Great class and good fun, no one judges you if you make a mistake or drop your hoop. Always come out smiling ☺

Lina Ciccarelli

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