A new twist on an old idea!

 Want to sharpen your waistline? Want to learn how to exercise and have fun?
Want to get fitter and stronger? Ready to do something for yourself?


Powerhoop tones the waist, hips, thighs, bum and arms all whilst strengthening your core muscles and helping to reduce lower back pain and stiffness. You will be laughing your way through the class without noticing the time flying by and the inches dropping off!

You do not need to be able to use a hula hoop....those are for kids! Powerhoops are adult hoops with weights in to really work that body AND to make it easier to twirl it around your waist. This class is suitable for all abilities, we can give modifications throughout the class so you can progress at your own pace.


Come and get into an adult sized hoop and see the results for yourself!

Call or email now to secure your space and hoop

to get your waist wiggling away!


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