Spin yourself slim!

Powerhoop classes work your waist, get you giggling and enjoying fitness...
Move your body,
calm your mind

Pilates strengthens your core, reduces aches & pains, improves posture and reduces stress
Fitness that's 'Strictly' fun!

FitSteps combines your favourite Strictly dances into a fun fitness class!
First Wedding Dance
End your perfect day the perfect way

A few simple steps to boost your confidence or a show-stopping performance..?
Pilates 1-2-1
Move your body,
calm your mind

Tailored private sessions to further your Pilates practice or introduce you into this incredible method
Private Ballroom & Latin
Caught the Strictly bug?!

Learn to dance like the stars in a private lesson or small group with friends
"There are no strangers at Shake & Shuffle...
...only friends you haven't met yet"